Predator Heritage H4

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Bronze Age is back and is calledPredator Heritage 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of Memphis Belle Maison that for this remarkable goal launches the model intended to leave an indelible mark on its presence in the panorama ofmilitary professional watches.Our Heritage commemorates the first model of operating watch, named Predator; in this new Limited Edition version, is made of marine bronze CuSn8 It is dedicated to the DecimaFlottiglia Mas and has on the dial the mythical skull with the rose in the mouth.The “Decima Flottiglia Mas” was born at the beginning of the Second World War as a secret depart-ment of Regia Marina for the use of new underwater and surface assault vehicles, which were difficult to develop at the end of the 1930s.Between 1941 and 1943, the few hundred menwho were part of it, operated in high-risk missions, achieving, even at hard cost, successes that modified the naval strategic of the Mediterranean. The charm of bronze applied to theunrivaled appeal of military watches, is the new, surprising trend in the luxury watch market. Ancient material like the history of humanity, bronze is a corrosion-resistant metal, that naturally develops a unique patina over time and is used in naval construction to produce por-tholes, bells, metal gaskets and nautical instruments.Until recently it had never been directly linked to the time industry.Difficult to work, have this beautiful and changing alloy madeof copper and tin, or aluminum, nickel or beryllium, which can have different chromaticities, is a refinement for connoisseurs.The use of bronze exalts the nautical appearance of thewatch and the different shades of color that are created based on the conditions of use, make every single piece a unique piece.Memphis Belle in his Predator Heritage wanted to raisethe stem further, giving the customer the choice of three finishing grades: 1: new satin case, that naturally ages after use.2 : case with vintage patina, which has the effect of five years of use with the first degrees of oxidation.3 : case with super vintage patina, that has the effect of fifty years of use with a diffused blue bronze oxidation.A work completely studied and hand-made inside the home. 

Etikett: Predator Heritage

Technische Daten
Bargeld in bronzo marino CuSn8 con finitura satinata diametro Ø 46 mm. Memphis Belle nel suo Predator Heritage ha voluto ulteriormente alzare l’asticel- la, dando al cliente la possibilità di scegliere tre gradi di finitura della cassa: 1: cassa nuova satinata, che invecchia naturalmente a seguito dell’utilizzo. 2: cassa con patina vintage, che ha l’effetto di cinque anni di utilizzo con primi gradi di ossidazione. 3: cassa con patina super vintage, che ha l’effetto di cinquant’anni di utilizzo con una diffusa ossidazione azzurra del bronzo.
Bewegung automatico ETA 2824.2 modificato, dotato di sistema antishock brevettato Nivacourbe, ‘perleè’ con finitura personalizzata.
Fall-Rückseite serrato a vite in acciaio finitura bronzo, personalizzato con caratteristiche tecniche.
Glas zaffiro 2000 Vickers bombato con coating antiriflesso.
Gurt in cuoio super vintage con cuciture rinforzate, stampato a caldo. con interno antisudore; secondo cinturino subacqueo in gomma operativa extra lungo per l’utilizzo sopra la muta, per le immersioni professionali.
Hände satinate e invecchiate, fluorescenti.
Quadrant super vintage muffato, con indici e numeri super luminova ad alta visibilità notturna.
Undurchlässigkeit 30 ATM (300m) Standard ISO 6425*

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