Trigalight Guastatore

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the innovative lighting technology Swiss trigalight®mb-microtec ag and the only company worldwide that produces this exclusive lighting technology for watches. The manufacture of trigalight® self-illuminating, and the result of decades of research and development. trigalight® lights clocks without the need for an external power supply, nor the sunlight shines up to 25 years and does not require maintenance.Principle of operationtrigalight® using glass tubes coated internally with phosphor powder. These tubes are filled with tritium gas and sealed with the laser, in order to create a vacuum. When the phosphor powder is exposed to electrons from the tritium gas excites the phosphor to emit light of different colors. Tritium is an isotope of hydrogen gas. The light and visible light is low, both in complete darkness.

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Etikett: Trigalight Guastatore

Technische Daten
Bargeld in carbonio rinforzata con policarbonato, ø 47mm.
Bewegung Quarzo Calibro 515 Ronda Swiss Made.
Glas zaffiro 1000 Vickers antigraffio, con trattamento coating antiriflesso.
Gurt in gomma con logo serigrafato e fibbia in acciaio personalizzato.
Hintergrund cassa in acciaio con incisioni, fissato con 4 viti di sicurezza.
Krone con doppio O-ring di sicurezza, dotata di protezioni laterali.
Quadrant nero opaco con numeri arabi. Indici ore 1/12 Trigalight ad altissima visibilità. Datario. Lancette H/M/S con trigalights
Undurchlässigkeit 20 ATM (200 m).
Zwinge girevole unidirezionale monopezzo con scala graduata incisa e numeri. Trigalight a h12.

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